Choosing a Domain Reputation List

Because a single IP address can host thousands of domains, domain reputation lookups are growing in popularity right along IP address reputation. All it takes is one bad egg to spoil the salad, which is why interest in domain reputation is growing.   

Domain reputation lookup sites include:

The are many others in addition to the above.  If the domain you are searching does not show up as being associated with malware, however, this does not verify beyond-a-doubt that it is safe.  Visit to find out who is responsible for the domain.

Another thing to keep in mind is the domain name itself.  Developers of malware often register domains that sound legitimate.  For example:

Domain reputation

The above domains may look legitimate, but could also be part of a C&C (command and control) network or be hosting malware updates. Whether you are working with domain or IP Host Reputation, one thing is for sure: internet reputation in general is a growing industry and an important part of cyber attack incident response systems.